Headphone pocket

No more knots! Very fast, easy, Ultra light and flexible. Now your headphones will always be stored in this elegant pocket.
12,00 €


A smart and practical product, Ofyl is a headphone pocket.
The physical principle is that by separating the ends and the rest of the cord, the knots do not
form more. Compact and very light, the Ofyl pouch finds its place in all the bags and in
all the pockets. With its original circular shape, bright colors, neutral colors or
its prints, there is for all styles.

The inventive and practical side of Ofyl was rewarded in May 2014 with a silver medal at
Competition Lépine International de Paris.

Materials: imitation leather / printed tarpaulin

French made
Dimensions: diameter 88 mm, thickness 2 mm.

                                      Invention and 100% French Manufacturing since 2014

color blue
color Anthracite