New Hoe 16 cm wide

Exclusivity on our online store. To remove mosses, unwanted grasses and weeds in edges, patio joints, walkways, yards and vegetable gardens etc ...
30,00 €

The new Hoe to cut the weeds in the difficult places of access by the other weeder.

Thanks to its shape, you can even access almost under a stone, along a wall, at the edge of the slabs, gratings, patio joints etc ....

To be effective, the sharp blade must not be too deep, so as to cut the undesirable plants at the collar, that is to say between the roots and the start of the stem.

Prefer the new Hoe, which allows to cut the plants by pulling or pushing of a movement of back and forth, advancing on the ground.

Weeding is especially useful in the vegetable garden, between the rows of vegetables, and in the aisles, where the soil is too hard to allow manual removal.

In case of non regular use, we advise you to grease the tool.
Sharpening is not necessary.

Invention and Manufacture 100% French

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